DECAGONE is built on 9 Work Packages, that each of them is designed to maximize the expected results. The different components and the complete system will be conducted in 4 parallel conceptual phases:

Basic design

Theoretical optimization

Constrained optimization of manufacturing and system costs
Continuous recalibration

The project will then be developed in 2 levels of iteration:


The first level of iteration is between “System Design and Control” and “Component Design”.
The overall system design will be constantly improved thanks to component optimization feedbacks. Then the component developers will continuously feed the system designers with improved operational data. WP2 and WP3 are dedicated to the preliminary design of the system and the control, in which the preliminary inputs to Component Designers (WP4 and WP5) are provided continuously.

The second level of iteration is focused on the System design (engineering, procurement) and with the Demonstrator Implementation (commissioning and operation).
On the technical point of view, WP2, WP3 and WP6 set the project’s overall structure and are dedicated to the ORC-based WHR system development, design, instrumentation, and demonstration. The interconnectivity of the blocks “System design” and “Demonstratration” highlights the importance of continuous optimization and operational enhancement of the system.

Impact assessment and result exploitation is where the output of both the previous Work Packages will be collected and used for deriving the actual ORC system performances. WP7 creates the conditions to assess the operation of the system after the commissioning phase, while WP8 will assess the real impact on the European industrial landscape by extrapolating of demonstrator performance to other relevant industrial use cases. Finally, WP9 will increase the awareness and better understanding of the technology and project results.

WP 1


WP 2

System Design and On-Site Integration

WP 3


WP 4

Development of a 2 MW hermetic turbogenerator

WP 5

Heat exchangers and thermal storage

WP 6

Demonstrator, Work Preparation, Erection & Operation

WP 7

Technical, economic and environmental assessment

WP 8

Impact assessment for enabling exploitation of the new ORC solution

WP 9

Dissemination, communication and stakeholder engagement